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Would you like still or sparkling water?

30 Nov


Since dating an older man in his 30s, I have come to realise the generational gap from 20-something to 30-something is much bigger than a few extra crows feet around the eyes. Our age difference is barely noticeable in terms of our interests, level of immaturity and enthusiasm for a cocktail, but it becomes highly palpable when dining out with friends and being asked – “Would you like sparkling or still water?”

Dining out with my friends (20-somethings) goes a little something like this –

  • Never order bottled water – tap water only
  • Always dine at BYO restaurants
  • If unable to dine at BYO restaurants, scan the wine list ignore the type of wine, its region or even colour and find  bottle with lowest number next to the $
  • Never order or an entree, only dine at places with hugely portioned main meals
  • Do not split bill, only pay for what you ordered, usually with loose change from bottom of hand bag.

Dining out with his friends (30-somethings) goes a little like this:

  • Bottled water, of course
  • A round of bubbles or cocktails to kick off the meal
  • A well thought out wine order matching the lavish 3-course meal to follow
  • Meals must be accompanied by several sides, don’t feel need to to finish them
  • Always split the bill equally, usually with credit cards coloured either silver, gold or dark grey.

Although these cashed up creatures we call the 30-somethings are only a hop, skip and quarter life crisis away from us spring chickens, they seem to be able to afford to have their cake and eat it too, washing it all down with their sparkling water… Pricks!

H x